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Design Education and My Career

Disclaimer: This is another self-reflection.  Let me introduce myself. I was graduated with a bachelor degree in Product Design (or maybe you can call it industrial design as well) and Alhamdulillah finished my master's degree in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship program, focusing on design sector. People may see this is another kind of a right track, but if you ask me what I mostly do in my working hours it would be far from designing a tangible product.  This reflection occurred to me because I will start my teaching gig at a university, in a product design engineering program. In what sense I can share my knowledge to my students when I think of myself as a general designer, even more like as an illustrator nowadays. I have studio classes to tech, first one is fundamental design class, focusing on two-dimensional visual composition. The second one is the three-dimensional modelling software lab. To be honest, this is what I'm worrying the most. I'll come back later

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