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Terrace House and Never Ending Curiosity of Other People's Live

Disclaimer: this was written last year, not long after the death of Hana Kimura.  What is more interesting than a TV show with visually pleasing scenes, Japanese daily life and culture, and beautiful casts? Welcome to the world of Terrace House . Arguably as one of the most famous Japanese TV shows in the global level (streamed on Netflix), it has built up the hype until their fifth series, Terrace House Tokyo .  Located in Karuizawa, a beautiful area known for its ski resort to holidaymakers. Image from With its slow pace and unique concept, it gained many praises by global audience: as a must-watch , an antidote of typical reality TV show , and the nicest TV show from Japan . I was enticed to watch these series to learn more about the language and culture  so I started to watch from Opening New Doors  and keep watching until the most recent one, Tokyo. In my defence, my Japanese skills is deteriorating so I need more input to practice my listening and add more vo

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