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4 Inspiring Podcasts to Brighten Up Your Day

To be honest, podcast is not my forte. I'm a visual person, so I always think podcast is lacking in visual side. There are some youtube videos which have the audio version as podcast, and guess what, yeah I will choose the video version most of the time. Why? I can see the caption and fast forward the video since I read the captions faster.  But here I am, recommending some podcasts for you. I enjoy listening to a podcast when I'm taking a walk. With Spotify, even as a free user, I can download the podcast episodes, which means I don't need to buy the internet credit when I go out for a walk. 6000 steps a day is my target but most of the time I don't reach it. Hey but at least I'm trying. Usually taking a 30 mins walk equals 4000-ish steps. It's enough to hear half part of one episode and then continue the rest of the episode while having a breakfast.  Without further ado, here's the list.  1. 99% Invisible First time I heard about this podcast is from its p

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