Watching Hour: Bloody Monday

Now I'm watching Bloody Monday series. This suspense action drama is about a high-schooler hacker who involved in a big terrorism case. Now I'm in the middle of third episode, and the words "bloody monday" are still meaningless. The story is interesting and unusual. It builds up our curiosity to watch the next episode. I think the story closes to Urasawa Naoki (the one who creates 20th Century Boys, Monster, and Plito) style, something about world craziness and destroying humankind. On Bloody Monday, the virus called "Blood X", first came up on Russian Christmas eve, 7th January. The effect was almost the same with the 20th CB virus which caused blood splashed over the body. On BM, the blood comes from nose and mouth, but on 20thCB, the blood comes from all of the skin pores. Both of 20thCB and BM said that it was a mutation of Ebola virus development. On our Biology textbook, we can find Ebola in Africa. I don't know whether Ebola still exist anymore.

If you wondering who starred as the main character, Takagi Fujimaru aka Falcon, you may recognize him as Ren on Gokusen 3. His real name is Miura Hiruma and he is only one year older than me. Hehehehehe....

This picture below is Miura as Ren.

And this one as Takagi Fujiyama.

After all, as my friend suggest to me (she's a huge fan of Sato Takeru who played as Otoya on BM), this drama is freakin' awesome. Full of mystery and makes you want to own a new notebook. One of good holiday series.