In the Middle of Watching: Ninkyo Helper

One of SMAP member, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi is here, also the Hanakimi's Aura, Yamamoto Yusuke, and the sidekick (it's my friend's phrase), Mukai Osamu. Hahhaha, only shows up for two scenes up to the newest episode.
The main idea of Ninkyo Helper is about a Yakuza become a helper in a healthcare for elders. They were sent by the organization and the one who make it will become the next boss (the previous one was dead).
It was Taiyou Healthcare, soon became a branch of the biggest elder healthcare franchise which owned by a mysterious woman. It's not freaking mysterious, but she seems to get involved a lot in this story. I don't know what will happen because when this woman come, then Hikoichi (Kusanagi) will have a problem. She always visit Taiyou, though.

The healthcare is the main setting of the story, we call it Panti Jompo in Bahasa. I thought it's going to be a comedy, but the genre actually is Human Drama (as wiki-said). When I was watching this drama, I can't stop thinking about the old version of me. Will I become senile? Will my children get me to Panti Jompo? Somehow I hope to die before getting too old. It's so embarrassing when you can't do anything yourself and then you will pay someone to take care of your personal things (including the toilet's things). And it will ended up with a conclusion to die before getting old. Seriously....

After watching Ninkyo Helper, I want to know the young Kusanagi. I found this pic and the one I realize fir the first time is Kimutaku. His face didn't change!! And I don't know which one is Kusanagi. May be the person next to Kimutaku, at his right. Am I correct?

And so far, episode 3 is the last update on Thanks for all your hardwork subbing this drama!! Arigatou gozaimasu! Ganbatte!!