Honestly, I have to admit that I fear of blood. Well, no extra ordinary blood, yet my very own blood. First, I relized it in the night after my first blood donation. The was a little dot scar created after checking my Hb. There was no blood coming out during the day. Something strange happened after I had taken a bath. The blood coming out and I was pale suddenly. The headache made me lay down for awhile when all my family members laughed at my state.
Second clue comes on this day. I was taking my sahur with my friend. I wanted to add some pepper no my dish. I tried to open the bottle fastener using a knife. At that time, I forgot which one is the dangerous side. I get my left thumbnail cut and causing lots me blood coming out. I used the water and the ice to minimalized it. Suddenly I pale and cold-sweated. I lost my appetite. After I got cured and took a sip of hot tea, I felt like did something stupid.

The similiar story wont happen unless it was my own blood.
Strange, isnt?