It's 2010, dude

Okay, all my hard works in the first semester are paid off. I was kind of jealous when my buddies from Universitas Indonesia get more than 3 when everybody knows it's hard to get it in ITB. They get more holidays, and sooner to see their score. Therefore, I never expected to see the score because one of the task has not been collected (all of the people in my year). When I checked it yesterday, the score was there. Omigod, I can't believe my own eyes. Sujud syukur, ya Allah.... So far so good. I was totally surprised. Too good to be true. I hope I can make it to Product Design. Now I can be optimist. Lol for PE, I got BC. It doesn't matter as long as I don't need to take the class next year and do the six-lap-athletic track-run.

I really hope a good score for SAS. Don't let my GPA down. Please God, give us the best. Congratulation for all my friends. Hope you can make it!