Review: Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi

It's one of Boku series, which all starring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (yup, who's in Ninkyo Helper). As you can expect from a human drama, its sure touch your heart. Kusanagi played as Koyanagi Tetsurou, an employee who always goes before his daughter awake and after she sleeps. On day, his wife talked about wanting a divorce. But suddenly, she left him. So, it's only Koyanagi and his daughter, Rin.

You can imagine how they live, when a father, who knew nothing about his daughter, and a six-year-old girl who only knew her mother in his life, forced to live together. At first, Koyanagi really felt her daughter is bothersome and a burden. Moreover, he asked her to live with his mother-in-law, because he was getting too busy to work and took care the housekeeping and his 'unknown' daughter at the same time. Then he met his wife. She told him that she didn't love Rin. He was surprised because he admitted that he didn't love his daughter either. How can be a child live when nobody wants and loves her?

A big blow from Koyanagi.

So, he lived together with Rin, and try to be a good father for Rin.

You can tell why Koyanagi was such a jerk at first. He thought he was a good father who work for his family sake. He tought it's normal since his father did the same thing on him. I don't know how many fathers behave like that but they are real, somewhere. There are many fathers who often work overtime and when they come home, they're too tired and the kids already sleep. I hope someday they will realize and change.

Koyuki played as an english teacher who taught Rin at home. She helped Koyanagi transform to be a good father. As usual, she fell in love with Koyanagi, but Koyanagi too busy with his job and Rin.

I can't tell too much. Just watch it yourself, since it's highly recommended. Click here for more information.