Quick Sewing

Hey everyone! How are you? How is your week? Are you busy?
By the way, I just made a new bag. It's my first bag in these several months and my sewing machine was full of dust. This is the first finest and neatest sewing I've ever made. Actually, I intended to use my last canvas supply and spend my free time. Then, I thought to make it as a birthday present for my friend. 

This is a reversible tote bag. I love the cotton floral pattern inside. And you can fold the bag and put it inside the pouch. The pouch is attachable and useful to put something valuable inside, for example your wallet and mobile phone.

 sorry for the bad quality of the pics

it's very big and I'm thinking to decrease the size. This one is fit for A3 size. My friend also suggested to make the portrait version. 

Kalau tertarik, bisa pesan langsung kok. Mungkin nanti saya post pilihan warna dan corak yang tersedia. Bahannya kanvas dan katun untuk bagian dalamnya.
email saya grand_iez[at]yahoo.com. Ayo-ayo, silakan pesan!


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