My First Clutch Bag

I take Fashion Accessories class this semester. Since it's near the final exam, all the students should make a product based on their experimental material. I used plastic. You know, the one for wrapping clothes at the store. I did the ironing on the plastic (actually it was under a cloth layer) and it created a unique pattern, just like the crocodile skin.

It was my first time to make a clutch bag. It almost didn't need any sewing except for the chain attachment. I admitted clutch bag was hard to make. Was it because of the plastic? Or the oval shape? I had a hard time on putting the glue on the clutch's side (summon mbak Fitria, the clutch expert). I also forgot to put the magnetic snap closure for the lid before covering the lid, so I had to put the flower corsage on it (to hide the backside of the magnetic snap closure).

Arina as the model, thank you very much

The inside is not neat, indeed. Can I blame the glue? Hahaha. By the way, I had a good time and I still have some supply (chains and more magnetic snap closure) to make another one.  


  1. omigosh udah jadiiiiilaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!punya aku busuk banget brooooooooo sedih nih belum jadi baru gitu2annya doang.

  2. ayo2 cepet diselesein... biar lega, biar bisa fokus ngerjain yg lain

  3. gak tau bisa selese kagak. ancur dilllll..kamu harus liat huft sedih nih bingung malah mau jadi apa..

  4. udah pinterrrr tuh. cantik banget.. ak biasanya pake lem castol aja, lebih kuat. ga ada yg di jahit, soalnya mesin jahitku ga kuat njahit bahan karton ;D
    goog job... i like it

  5. hooo.. castol ya mbak? oke2, nanti aku coba bikin lagi deh. jadi beneran ga usah pake jait2 sama sekali gapapa kan ya? aku rada susah pas nempelin si pinggirnya itu


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