Teori Konspirasi

Everybody knows the theory of conspiracy. But what the hell is it?

One day, I was doing Sociology Design mid term test. It was an open-book test, and the lecturer once again asked us to summarize one chapter from the textbook. The next question was to explain some words in terms of design sociology. One of them was: Teori Konspirasi (Conspiracy Theory). All right, where I could find it from the Sociology Design textbook (which was written by our beloved lecturer)?

One week after the test, the lecturer brought a video, and again, we watched the video for almost one hour, and it took almost all the time of the class, minus the laptop-projector preparation, waiting for the lecturer, etc. Guess what, the video was about the theory of conspiracy. It was a video about the truth behind 9/11 and pentagon 'incident'. So, I thought this was what my lecturer asked about the theory. I didn't want to remember what I wrote before for the test.

Actually, I already aware of this kind of conspiracy things since my childhood. The 9/11 event was happened when I was in elementary school, and then there were many theories about the mystery of the two towers.

This era, when we could get the information easily from the internet, should make us more aware and careful to choose which one to believe. But when the internet and medias were owned by the people who have their own objectives, then what should we believe? When the government are full of corruption, the politician has their own personal motives, then how we could know what exactly is happening in our country? When there is a group of people who want create a new world, and they infiltrate the entertainment, the education, the life style, then how should we live? Why there are some people who see Trans TV and Indosat as a big problem? Why a pyramid is more than just a simple triangle? These kind of thing will create a paranoia around people and they will trust and believe no one.

In the end, as a common people, we still have the power to choose, which one to believe, which one will makes us believe, and which one we want to believe.


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