What internship turns me into

I have been doing my internship for a month. Honestly, I can't wait for August 11th, when my internship will be ended. I'm craving for holiday. I'm tired of taking KOPAJA everyday and I crammed with many sweating people, especially men. My feet always ache and   feel hot for standing too long in kopaja. I got some dandruff problem since I just got used with the hot weather in Jakarta. All right, stop complaining.

My internship is not bad after all. I think it's better than most of my friends. I get some money, the work is not as hectic as I imagined, and the people are nice. The best part is the internet speed. Even though they use wifi, but the speed is incredible. You can download up to 700s kbps. One 350 mb episode is a piece of cake.

This one month experience lead me to another question. Do I really want to be a designer? A designer who works in an office, 9 to 5, trapped in front of a monitor, worry about her work ethics, and too tired to keep her feet dangling under the chair? I don't think so. I keep asking question to myself: Will you satisfy to get less my money than the boss? Will you happy to take many orders and always do as they ask? Again, my heart says no.

I promise myself to become a BOSS. 


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