Nine days and counting

2:29 PM

Basically, I hesitate to make a new blog (again). 

I should be doing my internship report before I'm leaving (in 9 days). I should have been starting packing things yet I'm still here, surfing in front of the laptop. I already made several list of things to bring, but I keep rewriting a new one again and again since I forgot where I put them. 

There're tons of things I'm worrying about. First, my english skill. It's getting rusted and it's been a while since I talk and write in english. Second, my Japanese. My basic Japanese course was ended about four months ago. It's degrading and I'm only able to watch Japanese drama only to catch a few words and remind myself to continue learning the proper language. Third, packing things. I'm completely helpless to select only the important things. I just feel like bringing my whole room and pack them inside a suitcase. I want to bring tons of food including indomie, sweet soysauce, many kinds of chili sauce, several kinds of instant spices and marinades, snacks, sausages, chicken nugget, anchovy, and beef rendang. Fourth, souvenirs. I don't know how many and what kinds of souvenirs I should bring.

In conclusion, I can't wait to start a new adventure there, in Osaka, Japan. I hope there will be no disaster (something like tsunami, major earthquake, etc), and everything will go smoothly. 

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See you soon.

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7 komentar

  1. aaaa kita nonton bourne legacy dulu yok dil sebelum lo pergi. hahahaha. semoga lancar jaya semua urusannya. semoga senang dan semoga setelah lo lulus kuliah gue juga ke jepang :) :) :)

    1. amin. nanti kita maen2 di sana.
      gue udah nonton di bandung fiiiit..... bahkan udah gue bikin reviewnya

  2. Replies
    1. biasanya ada anak teknik ugm juga yas, yg ikutan ke osaka. lo kenal ga?

  3. semoga lancar jaya ya diiiil. jangan lupakan kami kami ;))

    1. aamiiin.. gak lupa kok meg. semoga gue balik lo udah wisuda deh

  4. Semangat diiiil, csbr's been already missing you and your teri haha, barakallah


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