Public Library

Hello everyone. It's been really a long time for me to post something here. Well, actually I wanna write in Bahasa Indonesia. I'm so fed up with english nowadays, since I have to talk, hear, and write almost many things in english. I only have a small chance to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

As you can see from the title, I'm going to tell you about public library here. Why I went to a public library in the first place? It was started from JK Rowling new novel: The Casual Vacancy. As you can see, it's a bit hard to find new english novel in my area. You can get one in Kinokuniya at Umeda, the downtown. Me? living in the suburbs. So, i tried to search all over amazon. It's really easy because you can pay at the convenience store, or using amazon gift card that you can buy at the convenience store (again). Simply, you are able to buy without any credit card. Anyway, in the end I don't buy it.

One day, me and Mbak Tri visited the new city hall near our place to go to the toilet. Then, when we were waiting for Deasty, we decided to check the library on 3rd floor. That was the time I found a new heaven.

english and some foreign bookshelves in the public library

There are many popular magazines, including TIME, and many fashion and hobby magazines. There are some computers for public use. You can borrow not only books, but also DVDs and CDs. You can sit there  comfortably for hours to read. Don't worry, there are sufficient number of english books and novels. They even have Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Stephen Kings, Agatha Christie, classic books, english version of Japanese modern novels, and many more. Wow, I can read for free for a whole one year!

How to borrow? Since I live in that area, I only needed to fill a form and show the ID card. I got the library card and password. The password is very useful to log in from the internet. I can reserve some books, renew them, and even make list of books I want and the library will tell me when the book will be available. So much fun and easy! The first book I borrowed was "The Life of Pi". I had been waiting to read it. I can't wait to read more books. 


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