Visiting Ghibli Museum 三鷹の森

Have you ever seen Spirited Away? Or perhaps have you heard about Tottoro and Ponyo? Those are some works of Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli Studio. For more info, you can check this one (in Japanese...).

My first Ghibli movie is Kiki's Delivery Service. At that time, I didn't know that was from Ghibli Studio. I saw it on TV, may be when I was in elementary school (I forgot what grade). And then, when I was on last year of junior high, or may be early high school year, I watched Howl's Moving Castle, which happens to be my favorite Ghibli movie ever. At that time, I know that was from Ghibli, and then I recalled that I had seen somethng similar: Kiki's Delivery Service. I started to realized that all Hayao Miyazaki's characters have almost the same face. Hahahaha, it doesn't matter. After that, I watched the others, such as Spirited Away, Grave of Fireflies, My Neighbor Tottoro, Princess Mononoke, and I keep track of the newest movies like The Borrower Arietty and From Up on Poppy Hill. On 2013, they will release two movies, Kazetachinu and  Kaguyahime Monogatari. Oh, I can't wait...

During my winter break, I had a chance to travel to Tokyo and visited Ghibli Museum aka Mitaka no Mori 三鷹の森. Actually, me and my friend bought the ticket almost one month before on Lawson. There is no ticket counter at the museum, and you should buy it at Lawson. The ticket is only 1,000 yen for adult. Pretty cheap if you're a big fan of Ghibli. There are several times to enter the museum. I picked to enter at 16.00 since the other options before 16.00 was already sold out quickly (it was Christmas time and the museum would be close two days after my ticket day until early January). I suggest you to choose the earlier time if you have chance, because the museum is close at 18.00 and the cafe at 18.30.

Ghibli Museum is located near Mitaka station in Tokyo. You can take the bus from the station (200 yen) or walking around 15-20 minutes. The museum is one of the main attraction in Mitaka, so there is always a signage to tell the direction to Mitaka no Mori, and you won't get lost. 

 line to enter the museum

It's prohibited to take a picture inside the museum, so if you want to know what's inside, check the website here. This museum tells the story about how animation is made. The basement is really amazing. Start from a simple animation, and also you can see some optic illusion using so many 3d models about Tottoro story. My eyes were wide open and keep saying "wooah" or "woow". On the first floor, there is a replica of Hayao Miyazaki's workplace. IT'S AMAZING! He is a real artist. There are some rough sketches, start exploring the character and also the setting. There're some books as his research, for example the location of Howl's Moving Castle is inspired from some place in Europe. And then, he made the background scene by hands, manually, using poster color, yet it's super stunning and seems super real. There are various paintings, including some personal paintings. Then, there are some sketches and story line, also the storyboards of some movies. Walk to the other room, there are some replica of how the drawing turns into animation. The manual way is painting on some screen, and then arranged it into some sequences.

On the second floor, there is the museum shop, Mamma Aiuto. They sell some things which are not sold in other Donguri Garden (Ghibli souvenirs shop). It was really tempting to spend a big amount of money to buy some doll, puzzles, stamps, and postcards.

On the mini cinema, they shows a special short movie. The one I watched was about an old couple, Ojiisan and Obaasan who lived in a mountain as farmers. They involved with the sumo tournament of the mice, and they wanted to help their house mice win. It was funny and really nice. They even have some mice key chain in the museum shop.

This museum made me realize there is a hard work behind every movie. Making an animation movie is not easy, especially a good one such as Ghibli's. There are some research, and also manual works need a lot of effort and time. Overall, I respect Hayao Miyazaki more and more than before.

Every thing in the museum is also amazing. They put many details, including the decorated window glasses, and the fancy toilets. The stairs are unique and amazing, the elevator is also well decorated. It was so much fun to try everything in the museum building. Two hours was not enough for me and my friends (Deasty and Pi) to walk around the museum. We became the last person to buy the souvenirs at the shop, literally.

 the popular spot where you can take picture on the rooftop

 it was Christmas day and they set up a christmas tree outside

the entrance of the museum

If I have money and another chance, I will go to the museum once again. Actually, this kind of museum also become a good advertising. Well, you will love Ghibli more so you will watch and spend some money to buy the souvenirs. 

Happy holiday for all my friends in Indonesia! I still have one month school before the long awaited spring holiday. Sapporo, I'm coming!!


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