Winter in Osaka

Winter this year is my first experience ever. Well, I've been living in a tropical country since I born, so winter in Osaka is kind of surprising. May be I watched too much movies and dramas, and I think there will be snow every winter. Actually, Osaka not always has a snowfall. It's sad too feel the cold without snow. "Long time ago, on the north part of Osaka, there was lot of snow, you know," told Honjou-san, my volunteer partner to practice Japanese. One of my friend, Tamago, also showed me a picture of last year snow. It was so little, but it was there, at least.

in the train: snow!
My first encounter of snow was in the end of December. Me and Deasty were on the way back from Tokyo to Osaka. In the train, we could see the snow scenery around Gifu, I think. We also stopped somewhere, to transfer train, and we experienced the first snowfall. It was one of the cold days, and snowing a lot. We took  some pictures with the first snow. And I kept taking picture from inside the train. When we arrived at Osaka, my other friend told me, it was snowing a bit in the afternoon at the dorm. "Ah, that's why it's really cold," I thought.

Then, me and my Indonesian friends went to Nagano for skiing and snowboarding (only me at first). Nagano was full of snow, here and there. The road was slippery because there was a thin ice layer. Walking on the snow was also tricky, because you had to keep the balance and walk slowly. I like Nagano better at that time, because I thought it was not as cold as Osaka. More over, there were lot of snow! 嬉しかった!
I didn't even feel the cold when I was playing snowboard because I did a lot of physical movements and activities.

Mostly, in Osaka, there is snowfall actually. A kind of snow shower, but it won't last long since it's not cold enough. The temperature is varied around -2°C to 10°C. But yesterday and today it'll go up to 17°C. Yay! Several days ago, it was snowing at night, and it lasted a bit in the morning. In Minoh area, there was a thin layer of snow even on the road. But it was not happening here, in the dorm area, as I saw through the window.

see, the white thing on the ground over there?

Many people here said that February is the coldest time in winter. I hope there will be snowing at that time. And by the way, it's already February!


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