Pouch and Kindle Sleeve

Well, before I came to Japan, I had buried down my dream to do some crafting there, due the expensive price for everything. But this is spring holiday, and I have so many free time, and suddenly (just like schooldays actually) I'm 暇人です (hima-jin). My money is limited, so I can't go for a long distance trip. Fortunately, I'm in Osaka, the center of Kansai area, so I can go around Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara in a blink of eyes with a couple hundreds of yen.

Several months ago, I bought some japanese style cheap fabric from rakuten. I didn't feel like using it, and may be I could keep it as omiyage or souvenir, I thought. But after my kindle got scratched a bit, I planned to make a sleeve. I already had the fabric and needles, so I had to find the thread. Thank God, I went to mbak Tri's place, and she got a plastic bag full of needles, 22 colors of threads, some thread for cross-stitch (I can try to make the wristband), red and green felt, dacrons, a handful of some kind of fabrics, and a plastic of clay for fun. Alhamdulillah! I didn't need to buy anything.

I tried the first one, the red button.
Then, I went to Daiso, and I bought this thing (see the image on left), considering I needed some buttons for the sleeve, and I got tempted because it has the thing to insert the fabric and the tool to press it.
So cheap, only 105 yen.

A bit difficult, the small red plastic tube to press it sometime was not good, so I used the end tip of my umbrella. 
The outer part of the tool is made of some kind of rubber and plastic.

Then, I miscalculated, and the first sleeve I made was too tight for my kindle. I turned it into a pouch for my new buttons. 

This is my kindle sleeve.

I hope I can work and create more crafts here, especially during my holiday. But I have to work harder. I have no sewing machine here!

Happy holiday!


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