Last Semester in Japan

This is too melancholy. I can't believe this will be my last term as an exchange student here. In other words, this will be my last term of holiday (I consider my program as "one year break from real school"). I can't help myself to enjoy and memorize the life for the next 5 months. I know, I miss my family, my friends, and my life back there, but here I made new friends, and have a more peaceful life (imagine the life without angkot, ojek, pedagang kaki lima ).

Sakura season is almost ended too. They're so beautiful, but petals start falling, which means there will be new leaves, as time will goes by. Spring break will end in no time, and school starts within days, and then, suddenly time will pass, and Ramadhan will come, and Eid will come, and then, suddenly, it will be matter of days before I'll leave Osaka.

D-3 before school starts.


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