Talk about writing

For me, writing was not hard and complicated just like most students will groan every time hundreds of words are demanded by the teacher. And by the way, why did I put "was", not "is"?

First, I just encountered the fact that 20, 40, 150, and 250 are sacred number. Any body who recognizes those numbers from something called IELTS will understand. For those who don't, 20 and 40 are the limit time (in minute) to write, and 150 and 250 are the minimum words for writing task 1 and 2 respectively. The point will be deducted for all the mistakes, including the number of the words if it's less than the requirements, misspelling, grammar, vocab selection, and believe me, there's a list for the examiners so they'll be able to check it properly.

Second, apparently, it's seriously troublesome to write (by hand, not typing) while considering all of these: time limit, understandable handwriting, writing structure, grammar, answering the questions, words count, afraid of making too many mistakes, how much the score will be, and being arrogant by using wide variety of vocabs. I've never done such a serious writing since I always write anything I want, I like, and never care about all those complexities. And most of all, I kept thinking that all I've written was right, in terms of grammar and lexicon. I didn't need to worry about diction, the computer would correct me by then. I was wrong. I ought to study and practice more.

But now, I have another argument. Writing is supposed to be fun. Those english tests such as TOEFL, IELTS are different and I completely understand they need more concentration and most likely they ain't be done in regular basis. I know that my english writings are not that fascinating with the high level of grammar and vocabs but I always enjoy the process of transferring an abstract form in my brain to certain words and sentences. They said: ignorance is a bliss which I've found it's true to make writing activity more entertaining.


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