The old Maissy's Video Clip

Do you remember Maissy? Well, if you born in the late 80s and early 90s, you should've known her. She was a promising singer with kids' songs especially  her signature song: "Ci Luk Ba". Unlike the other singers, such as Sherina and Agnes Monica, her existence vanished into thin air after she resigned from the kids entertainment world. No more Maissy in the TV with her easily spotted long straight hair and the portable microphone attached in the head. But then I got surprised when I found that she was my senior in my high school, only one year ahead. 

My mouth is always getting itchy to spew some comments (good and bad) each time I watch her old performance in my laptop just like the way my hands become itchy to type it here. Alright, I admit that I have some of her videos, thanks to youtube and keepvid, to remind me of my childhood. 

The one I'm gonna write here is "Papa Mama". You can check it the video here when you think that you've never seen or heard it (I bet you've seen it!). 

Let's start from the lyrics:

Dari pagi hingga larut malam
Papa kerja mencari uang untuk keluarga
Dari pagi hingga larut malam
Mama kerja mengurus rumah juga keluarga

Tugasku belajar dan sekolah
Mencari ilmu untuk masa depan
Belajar itu yang utama 
Menyanyi hanya untuk selingan

Ku sayang papa
Ku sayang mama
Ku sayang papa dan mama

It's rather short, as a children song should be. But check the first verse. "Since morning till late night, Papa works to get some money for the family. Since morning till night, Mama works, take care of the house and the family." This is like stating the stereotype of Papa's and Mama's role. Long time ago, this was considered as normal, but now it's not. This is like put some "ideal" idea of what the children should be in the future as the parents. In contrast, now there're more Mamas who devote themselves for a job to support the family, and let the nannies take care of the kids. Yeah, because everything becomes expensive, Papa's salary is often insufficient. It might be one of the reasons there's no more kids songs contain a lyrics of Papa's and Mama's duty based on gender. 

The ideal family in this song consists of Papa and Mama, which is not applicable for a broken home family, an orphan's family, or in a polygamy family. Once more, the dream of having a perfect kind of family was being planted here. It's not wrong to create such a future idealism to them, since there're loads of divorce cases nowadays.

The second verse might be the inspiration for the singer herself to stop her singing career and focus on studying. Besides, the fact that she was accepted in the most wanted medical faculty in Indonesia and be a doctor can't be ignored easily. I presume either Maissy was forced to sing at first, or forced to stop singing. 

Okay, let's continue to the singer style, Maissy. Again, her appearance was like what a Indonesian little girl should be at that time (don't forget about the past fashion trends). Or it might be what the society wanted if they dress a girl, in average: a girl with long, black, and straight hair with its accessory and dressed in a feminine clothes, esp knee-length skirt or even shorter. The girls were supposed to act super cute and girly, and blinks the eyes to increase the cuteness and pleading level. 

The last one is the quality of the video, the visual thingy. I got super annoyed by the way it zoomed in and out repetitively, and reminded me of the way Indonesia soap operas (sinetron) were filmed. It made me feel dizzy now, even though I didn't really realized in then. Actually, I don't really care about the effects and everything, the computer and the software wasn't that cool as now. But please, cameraman, stop taking a shoot like that!

Anyway, let's just enjoy the video and reminisce the childhood. I'm so pissed that there's no kids singers anymore now. Even Coboy Junior's songs are more suitable for adult. Please somebody, let the kids have a good song that they'd be able to remember in the future. 


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