English Cafe

There is one thing that I miss from Handai (Osaka University). There's a weekly activity called English Cafe almost in every department. There is only one rule, "keep talking in English as much as you can" for about 1-2 hours. Forinternational students, this is a rare chance to eat free food, and particularly the committee also prepares some halal and vegetarian food. Don't forget a mountain pile of non-alcoholic drinks including cokes, orange juice, and my favorite: Calpis.

For Japanese students, English cafe is an opportunity to practice English with a mere 300 yen (super cheap, considering how expensive is the english course in Japan), and of course some snacks are bonus. For international students, it's exactly a chance to refresh and eat free food (it's free for foreign students), chatting with other international students. Most of international students who participate usually are fluent in English, well yeah, you can compare them with the Japanese students. Only some students may be from China, who come with their Japanese students friends truly want to practice English.

Since there are many international students in Handai, every department has English Cafe and its open to all international students, while the local students mainly come from its department. Now, back here in ITB, I wonder why there's no such thing as an English Cafe?

First, not so many international students. Hm, as far as I understand, there's quite number of Malaysian students and some western students (I guess) so it's not a real reason.
Second, Indonesian students are already good at English. All right, this one ain't 100% true, many students are also enrolled in some English courses outside campus. Even though they can understand, but many of them can't speak fluently with confidence.
Third, there's already an English club. Yes, that's true, but they keep their organization rather private, and it makes the outsiders hesitate to join their open program (if there's any).

Seriously, I think English Cafe is a good idea. Please someone arrange it here in ITB (or may be UI, UGM, etc). We (I) need to practice English!


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