When you get bored with books (or need a change) to seek knowledge

Last term, for the first time in my I got some reading lists to read for my course. Consider my previous undergrad that had nothing to do with any mandatory reading lists but mostly I did loads of writing opinion without scientific basis, that was a huge change!

For one module, there would be one reading list. They even boldly demanded us to read 30 hours/week (imagine all the sleep time). To be honest, I don't mind, because I love reading and I fall in love with gold's library. In the reading list, some of the books are not that appealing for me. One book by Veblen, Conspicious Consumption was written on early 1900s and his word were difficult to understand, like too many sugarcoatings, metaphores, and repetition. Bourdieu's book has poor layout with small fonts, tight spacing, and his 'not straight to the point' writings made me give up after reading the first couple pages. And there's another one by Piketty, the title is Capital, and this one like a doorstopper (read: thick). Even though the lecturer said it was okay not to read the whole book, just read some chapters that we find interesting, it was still hard for me.

Therefore, I came up with another options. Why not try to find the video version on youtube, with the writer speaks on it, talking about his book. I didn't do this for Veblen's book because it doesn't have too many pages, but I did this for Piketty. Guess what, he had TED talk version, and I could understand (briefly) what's his book talking about.

Then, I found out (maaf gue emang orangnya basi banget) that actually watching youtube channels is quite interesting like reading a book (I always enjoy the books). Before, I watched youtube solely for entertainment puspose, or at least to see cooking recipes. But, there're many inspiring channels out there, especially if you guys are interested into entrepreneurship. Some of the channels I subscribed are The School of Life, TED, TEDx Talks, and Harvard Innovation Lab. If you're in the UK, make use BBC iPlayer and Bob National (if you're a student) to watch the TV recordings.

Well, other that reading and watching, you can also go to local workshops and talks around the city you live in. Discover them from google and believe me, there're tons of free events out there you can attend to gain knowledge (and plus network). Enjoy learning!


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