Short Reflection

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I love learning something new. I love to be in different environments. I love the change. But if it is too often, is that a sign that I don't wanna have a commitment to stay in one place, in one condition? Now I just realized that in the past five years, I have been living in three different countries, in four different cities.

People say that it's better to embrace the challenge, go out of your comfort zone. What if I don't have a comfort zone to begin with? Or what if I can create a new comfort zone so quick since I tend to take the positive things from every events? But what is actually a comfort zone? Despite there is an algorithm trying to define a comfort zone, I think that a comfort zone is something that already becomes a routine, a daily activity, something that is usually taken for granted.

Remember that we usually sleep in the bed, with a nice duvet or blanket, and all those things will change if we go travelling, or at least have a sleepover at friend's house? Again, all those routines are usually faced by people with exact daily or weekly schedule. For example, when we start a new academic year at school or uni, at the first time, everything seems really fun, exciting, and feels like stepping out of our comfort zone. But after a while, those activities become a new comfort zone, and we don't realize it. That could be the sign to move forward, go outside that comfort zone.

Slap slap slap! Go out and don't be too comfortable! Try something different!

London, 7 April 2016


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