Learn about legal, law, and stuffs from TV dramas: Good Partner and 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi

This spring 2016, there are two interesting Japanese dramas related to legal and law things. Just looking at the first episodes of these dramas, they're able to wrap heavy and serious subject in an easy-to-understand stories. Well, they don't get the highest ratings this season, but it won't be the reason to miss the appearance of my favorite actors: Matsumoto Jun and Kaku Kento.

1. Good Partner  グッドパートナー

Kaku Kento is not the lead actor, but as usual his character has lots of humour. (source: dramambc.com)
The first episode of Good Partner is telling the story about the copyright infringement case between a small design company and its client. The client is a big company that request a character design to the design company. Long story short, the character design is actually turned down by the client, and then the design company get another client with similar briefs and decides to use that previous character design. The former client knows and demands a very big amount of money, because it is actually stated in the contract that the client will have all the copyrights. Moreover, the client has paid the design fees. What the lawyers can do to defend this small company? Check it on the first episode of Good Partner.

This is an interesting story especially for the designers that work for clients. To avoid a dispute in the future, it's very recommended to create a contract in the begining, no matter how small a project is. Both sides can negotiate the content of the contract and make sure it's profitable for the designer and the client.

2. 99.9 Criminal Lawyer or 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi  刑事専門弁護士

Matsumoto Jun is the lead actor, as an annoying yet skillful criminal lawyer Miyama Hiroto (source: ritsunodoramaland.wordpress.com)
This drama is on the second highest ranking but sadly it's not available to stream with english sub. You gotta download the video and the sub separately. But well, that's another story.

This is a story about solving the criminal case. In Japan, 99.9% of the suspects in the criminal cases are found guilty. But in this story, Miyama, who get scouted by a big lawyer firm in the beginning, always tries to find the truth within the 0.01% possibility. The firm just create a criminal lawyer department and most of the staffs are not working as meticulous as Miyama. Well, he's actually quite stubborn and annoying, but he's very determined to find the truth. This story inspires me to see something from another perspective, and to understand the bigger context.

Well, I don't want to complain about Indonesian TV series, but surely there're many things that people can learn from the foreign TV shows. For example, these dramas help to shape more understanding and introduce the life of a lawyer. Imagine, how many students will be inspired to be one and put a justice in this world. Hopefully, there will be more Indonesian TV series that can introduce various careers and complicated topics in the future, especially about legal and law.


  1. Kaku kento cuma di ep 1 aja dil?

    1. engga fit, dia maen jadi aktor pendukung sepanjang cerita. sayangnya yg ada engsubnya streaming baru episode 1 aja di dramago.

    2. You can see it subbed in English on dramacool.to


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