Copyrights and Rights to Copy

Imagine this. You have a great idea for a painting. And then you spend lots of time and money to work on that painting. You feel proud and happy with the result. But hey, everyone should know about this! Okay, so you shared the picture of your painting on the internet, telling the world about your beautiful masterpiece.

And then, one day, a friend of you send a photo, he finds a similar painting like yours in an art shop on the street. They sell it and get profit from that. Meanwhile, your painting sits on your living room, and you still get nothing from it, except some 'likes' and supporting comments in social media.

How do you feel?

What can you do about it?

Well, if you do nothing, the painting seller will assume he does no wrong and he is allowed to do so. But do you also think it is such a burdensome to do the talk, making some protests, and explaining about you copyrights?

Same here!

I wonder how to solve this.


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