4 Inspiring Podcasts to Brighten Up Your Day

To be honest, podcast is not my forte. I'm a visual person, so I always think podcast is lacking in visual side. There are some youtube videos which have the audio version as podcast, and guess what, yeah I will choose the video version most of the time. Why? I can see the caption and fast forward the video since I read the captions faster. 

But here I am, recommending some podcasts for you. I enjoy listening to a podcast when I'm taking a walk. With Spotify, even as a free user, I can download the podcast episodes, which means I don't need to buy the internet credit when I go out for a walk. 6000 steps a day is my target but most of the time I don't reach it. Hey but at least I'm trying. Usually taking a 30 mins walk equals 4000-ish steps. It's enough to hear half part of one episode and then continue the rest of the episode while having a breakfast. 

Without further ado, here's the list. 

1. 99% Invisible

First time I heard about this podcast is from its printed book version. The summary sounds very interesting: "A guidebook to the unnoticed yet essential elements of our cities, from the creators of the 99% Invisible podcast." Then, I tried to find the podcast, and it felt like a never-ending scroll because it has so many episodes. I decided to give it a try and this episode captivated me: Return of the Yokai. I love Japanese culture, and this episode definitely provided me some new insights. It has a mixture of casual interviews with some history, innovation, technology, arts, all sort of things I like. They kept the advertisement barely minimum, and their tone of voice is entertaining. 

2. The Futur

I have been watching The Futur's channel in Youtube and their contents always hook me. If you are a creative freelancer, aspiring designer, or even students, don't miss Chris Do, Matthew Encina, and the gang from Los Angeles, USA. They also have a podcast, which is available on several platforms. In each episode, we can listen to an interview with a guest from different creative backgrounds and talking about a certain topic. By the time this blog is written, the podcast has 119 episodes. You will have plenty to choose. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts
Website: thefutur.com

3. How Did I Get Here?

Fun and fresh podcast with lots of funny twists. With Jae and Alexa, they also invite a guest in each episode. I stumbled upon this podcast because I watch the youtube version from the other shows by Dive Studio, such as Tablo's and Eric Nam's. The Youtube version is funnier because we can see additional footages added, which are hard to understand in the audio version. And the videos provide CCs, and sometimes I read the caption faster and end up fast forwarding the video. I'm still waiting for them to invite Young K as the guest, haha.

4. Creative Pep Talk

He is called Andy J. Pizza (not his real name). In his podcast, he revealed that his stage name had made him consume more pizza slices than he ever asked. Just like what the title says, this podcast is a dialogue between creative people, but in the beginning he usually talks a lot for some intro. One of the episodes I enjoy is this one, talking about social media, something that I don't really fancy but unavoidable to use. And hey, he drew the cover art for each of his episode, which also he uploaded on his instagram

Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you have some other recommendations :)


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