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What I Learn from Making Amateur Comics in Instagram and Growing 12k+ Followers

Basically, I'm not a comic artist though my background in design may help a little bit. I'm just an amateur with a mini iPad, Adobe Illustrator, and my old pen tablet, who loves doodling and telling stories. My personal instagram account even only have less than 900 followers. Then I created a new account, only for my comics. My first post on Instagram was May 2016 and my followers back then were basically just my real friends. Two years later, @fadilahinlondon has gained more than 12,000 followers without any paid promotion.

I want to share valuable things I have learned during this process.

Find your unique story
The easiest things to share is from personal experience. But not just an everyday experience. There's not much interest in telling just a normal boring life. Find something unusual, something that create a lasting memories. I believe my story as an Indonesian muslim student studying in London is a rather unique experience, especially for Indonesian audience. On …

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