Extremely Changed!

Are you a fan of Twilight Saga? Have you heard a rumor about Michael Ballack took a role as Jacob? Yesterday my friend told me and it was unbelievable. After several checks and rechecks, it is a hoax. There was a New Moon poster and it looks like Ballack. How come a football player becomes an actor in a short time.

Now, see the differences:

This one is Michael Ballack

and this one is Taylor Lautner

Anyway, let's talk about Taylor Lautner. Have you seen The Adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl? Are you aware that sharkboy is Taylor Lautner?

The Adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl was released on 2005. He was 13 years old when starring it. Do you know he was born on 1992? I was pretty surprised when I knew it. You can see how much the changes do on his body and face. I thought he was around 20s. And HE IS YOUNGER THAN ME!!!!!