Japan Madness - Prototype

Being obsessed anything about japan made do some silly things. Gelar Jepang 2009 at FIB UI had given me so much ideas to do. Most of the people wore costumes (cosplay), for example yukata, japanese uniform including gakuran, anime style, free-style, tokusatsu style. A day before I visited GJ 2009, I decided to sew a sort-of-yukata-like-skirt. I found some fabrics, and I made it after several days of thinking about the design. With so much cosplayers, I really I thought I wasn't dressed up well. Come on! I had no time to prepare and no friends to share the same madness about cosplay-ing. They were to busy to come. On GJ 2009, I met only six friends.

Here's the only photo of me and my friend with a cosplayer. I wore the skirt I'm talking about. I was disappointed because I had no digicam, and I lost my opportunity to take a pic with Kon. He was one of the winner of cosplay competition in anime category.

I have no pic of him, so this one is what Kon wore back then. I couldn't think what he was thinking because the weather was hot and he wore the costume all the time.

Several days later, I'm talking about two days ago, I found some fabrics (again) and made a school bag just like what a japanese student use. It was kinda difficult because it was a cloth fabric, not a bag fabric. I spent much time to think of improving design. The total time was about 9 hours, including several rests, bathroom, salat, read a newspaper (lil bit), but no dinner. I was too excited to finish it up. So, on 1 o'clock in the soooo early morning, my prototype was done.

I really want this kind of bag. Kinda cool, huh? But it was too difficult for me, so I made just like this below (almost, considering the limited materials)

Then, it turned out like these:

Not as nice as I thought first. Still, a prototype is a prototype. I won't give up to make some mores.