Sewing (Again)

I bought some materials to make a bag in Jatinegara. It was a coincidence to get the shop location. Once I saw a bag material shop when I was on busway to Matraman. It was near Kampung Melayu. Unfortunately, when I took M06 (a Kampung Melayu-Gandaria public transportation, we call it angkot), I didn't see the busway. I stopped instantly and found several textile shops there.

The bag material, excluding the fabric was all packed for people who want to sell bags. I bought so many things but I know that I just need a little amount of it.

Then, I made it. You know, I have a japanese-school-bag obsession. I decided to make this kind of bag because I already have the materials. :)

I made the bag based on this design.

I was almost made it perfectly, but I knew I messed it up because my lack of techniques. I won't tell you where the broken part is because it looked perfect from afar.

I really love the color contrast of the fabric and the strap. The zip is black and I didn't put any logos, by the way. The fabric inside of the bag is the same with my previous prototype, but it would be nicer if I could replaced it with a patterned fabric instead a plain one, just like this:

The color option is so nice!!
I would really love to try another version to strengthen my sewing technique.


  1. halo,
    I replied to yr question in my Blognyasita.
    You're much better than me in making handmade bags. Moga2 cita2 nya tercapai ya.

  2. Dil.. gimana cara nih bikin tas kaya gini?? hebat euy.. keren..


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