Thousand Islands, no mayonnaise

Soooooo many stories to tell about my trip to Pramuka Island.

Ok, I'll tell you what did I do, for a brief summary:

10.30-12.00: journey to Muara Angke. Unfortunately, we came to the wrong place and spent more time to find the other groups. Muara Baru is not Muara Angke. So stupid.
14.00-16.30: Journey to Pramuka Island by boat. The wave was so unbearably high. It made my friend sick. Sleeping all the way. :p

The next day:
07.00-07.30: Preparing the masker, snorkel, and fins. Tried them whether it was fit or not.
07.30-08.30: journey to Semak Daun Island. Practising and preparing, also stretching our body for the next sea depth.
08.30-10.30: moving to the dive spot. We didn't dive, we were snorkeling, so the depth of the sea was about up to 5 meters. Mostly we took a pic, for real.
10.30-11.00: journey back to Pramuka Island. We needed to hurry because the boat to Muara Angke available only on 7 am and 1 pm everyday.
13.00-16.30: waiting at the dock because the boat suspiciously didn't arrive in time.
16.30-19.00: journey back to Muara Angke. The wave was higher and more dangerous. Moreover, we sat on the roof of the boat. The wind also made it more "interesting".

I took the pictures using my mobile phone because my digicam was on repair. Mostly somethings unique and unusual.

If you take a look on the street board, LOL, it was Ikan Kelonpis Street. It should be Clownfish. Nemo, remember?

A fossil of a fish

A tortoise took a shower in the tub

The mangroves rehabilitation

A dock house at Semak Daun Island

Toilet on a boat. The hole was directed to the sea.

The boat we took on for snorkeling. I took the pic beside the toilet.

Sunset on the boat

A group of seagulls was looking for the fish

A floating gas station

The sunset sky on the boat, way back home

It was my second trip to Thousand Islands. I hope everybody could visit Indonesia, and also Thousand Islands. Viva Visit Indonesia Year 2009!!

Happy Holiday!!