Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I just watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (HBP) on a cinema. I started a crazy plan a day before. My friend and I went to the cinema in a shopping mall near our house and arrived about on 10 am. Most of the sores were closed, for crying out loud. I thought there would be some crowded but it was surprisingly empty. Crazy, isn't? Then we decided to sit on a bench next to the stairs to the cinema. A couple minutes later, we saw a bunch of junior high school students on their batik uniform came. They must had skipped the class. Just like what I had thought. Reading-chatting-reading-dreaming-wondering.... Then a group of people went upstairs and stood in front of the closed cinema gate. When the gate opened, people rushed to queue even before it was completely opened. We did the same. hahahahah...

Okay, the review. Spoiler alert.
When I watch the first part, I was wandering what is the relation of a muggle metro station restaurant and the movie. So many addition parts on the movie, but why they changed the Harry-Ginny part? They even made it worse than the book. The book shows the complicated minds of Harry when he thought about Ginny, but then on the movie, nothing happened. My friend even said that the Harry-Hermione chemistry was more romantic than Harry-Ginny. I agree with his opinion. For Won-Won and Lav-Lav, all I can say is: "yucks!"

The nice part is Malfoy. He got a bigger part on this movie. His looks with his black apparels was great and the acting was more impressing than Daniel. The biggest difference is the story. On the book, nobody knows about the vanishing cabinets. But on the movie, the trio saw it in Borgin and Burkes, and talked about the cabinets. May be that's good for everybody who don't read the book to easily understand the movie.

The best comedy part for me is when Harry was mimicking to speak in Slughorn style. I didn't know what made him looked like a stupid bloke after drinking Felix Felicis. He kept acting strange.

A great part is when Harry and Dumbledore visited the cave. The tide effects was really cool. The inferis made it just like Resident Evil and some movies in the same theme. The fire was incredibly awesome. But why they didn't made the funeral part? It would be more climax than a group of students and teachers took out their wands and pointed them to the sky, shot a light and the skull-and-snake clouds gone. Dumbledore's wand, which is essential to the next movie, was found on his office by Harry. It should be buried with Dumbledore. And in the end of the movie, as usual, the trio part talking, with no Ron's dialog and more Harry-Hermione chemistry. Then, a pensieved-memory-like screenplay closed the movie.

For every Harry Potter fan, you should watch this movie! You won't be able to wait the next movie. Happy holiday!


  1. Hahaha, I think I know your buddy who said that.

  2. I would rather not to say his name aloud


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