Review: The Sixth Sense

These two months are the busiest ever in TPB year. It's been about two weeks I spent less time in my kosan. Just sleep - take a bath things. Once I wished to spend more time out of my kosan, but it's all too much. Just kidding. I'm having so many fun time around my friends, FSRD 2009. We gotta fighting together for Wisuda 2.

Okay, I'm going to talk about the review. Again, it's been so long not touching my dear laptop. I watched this movie when I was taking a break on doing 2D assignment. I longed for this movie since I know Haley Joel Osment. First watched his movies are Artificial Intelligence and Pay It Forward. He was like Macaulay Culkin-kind lil boy actor. But he's more interesting. The stories are unusual yet excellent. Then I knew about The Sixth Sense.

Finally, I got the movie, and couldn't stand to wait till my ass done. The two main stars are Bruce Willis and Haley Osment. For the first quarter of the movie, I couldn't catch up which part the sixth sense is in this movie. Then, those creepy things came out. It's not a horror, but kind of thriller and lots of mystery. The story leads to Cole (Osment)'s life and a broken life of Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis). The background is about the frustation of Malcolm Crowe after he found out his patient commited suicide in front of him. He decided to get a new patient with the same case to solve his former patient's problem. The story's going smooth, not too slow or too fast. Osment's acting was so magnificent. He was full of emotions. Especially when he was scared and sad, both at the same time.

Things I love from this one are the story, the thrill, and Haley Joel Osment (don't you think he's cute back then? ). It brought up my goosebumps when I was watching. I was wandering how scary the life of Cole. But there's one strange thing. The story so far was so good, but in the end, the climax was not 'wow'. It's too simple. It's a contrast compared with the main problem. No wonder it got no Oscar from six nominations.

Check the full cast here. Also check Osment's movie, Artificial Intelligence (superb!).

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