It's about Holiday

This Monday will be the last exam in my first college year yet still remember when I registered for my college. The days when I met so much strangers in one place. The day when doing the first assignment. Great. A year (almost) end yet I still have so much things to do. Things left to do are our exhibition, some "college graduation " things, and prepare for the holiday.

Product Design... Amen... Let me registered as one of them. Actually, I (always) have a bit thinking to enter Painting Studio. Come on... Ok, stop. We're just gonna talk about holiday.

Some friends have what they called "holiday and travel together" and Bali-Lombok seems to be the hot topic. Sounds interesting. I just confuse because I wanna spend it with so many people. My high school friends number 1, high school friends number 1, high school friends number 3 (there are on plural forms literally these "friends"), my junior high school friends, college friends, and (forgot to mention:) my family. Also there is Gelar Japan at UI, may be some fairs at Senayan, complete the exam to get driveing license, do some sew stuffs, bag stuffs, crochet-ies, cookings, and watching my queued movies list.

I've been thinking about my holiday projects, but I choose only 2.
1. Amigurumi

2. A study about flowers (it's drawing).

3. Violin exercise

All the works above are not mine or me. If there's a kind and lovely person who will buy me this thing below, I would thank him/her so much. :-))

If you have some requests for me, for example: "can you make this amigurumi", or "please draw something for me", I will happily accept them.

So, HAPPY HOLIDAY! Happy exam to you!


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