Event: Ramadan

It's been a while to write in english. And it's not gonna be a long post.

I can tell that life's just like a role-playing game. Ragnarok, Perfect World, you name it. In your childhood you got to play this at least (the traditional including barbie, doll, and toy cars) once.

I was a Ragnarok Online player. And some online games I have tried will fit this analogy. Just think just like you're the character of the game (of life).

Every player aims for the highest level. Always seek for more experience, do a battle and hunting, complete some quests and may be some cheats. Whenever he has time he will play his character and get more and more experience point (EXP). Every trading, friendship, group-ing, using equipments, etc were meant to make the exp thing easier.

Then the server made some events to make the player enjoys the game, more aand more. Event more drop-item, drop-card, double exp, triple exp, and many more. Some cheatings were done when the event occured. For example whenever Double EXP, they do "boot"ing so the character hunting automatically without being controlled and logged in to the game. The player get more time to do something else than just sit down at the internet cafe for hours.

So how Ramadan related to RPG? Imagine ourself as the character, and life as the game. Ramadan is the event. It's a once-a-year event and it's our moment to get more EXP. Equipped ourself and let us reach the next level. Why we're wasting our precious event?