First Tunisian Chrochet

It's been a while since I post something about crafting. So, this is actually what I just did for my first (maybe second) attempt to make something using tunisian chrochet. This tissue pocket I made for my friend because I wanna thank her for her help. Using red and yellow acrylic and a bamboo needle which I made by myself (couldn't buy it cause it's cheaper than buy) from a chopstick.

When I saw the tutorial for basic tunisian, I felt that I'd seen it before. Ooo.. So this one was what I tried to make when at junior high. I copied the book from school library. I thought that it wasn't what I want to try, because at that time I looked for knitting tutorial, but in reality, I found the material when I were in high school, because my mom couldn't teach me (she can't) and my aunt who taught me crochet couldn't either (I forgot, but BIG thanks for her :)).

What is tunisian chrochet? It's also called Afghan Stitch. Just like a mixture of knitting and crochet. The needle is just like the knitting needle with a hook. Click here for more information and tutorials. It's easy! But I found out it would be really thick so don't use a too thick yarn.