Review: Shinzanmono

This drama attracted me by its actors and actresses. You can find Abe Hiroshi (one of my favorite) from Dragon Zakura as the main star. The others should be familiar for those dorama lover. Such as Kuroki Meisa and Natsukawa Yui from Ninkyo Helper, Mukai Osamu from Atashinchi no Danshi, and many more (find them yourself). Though each episodes brought out some differents actors, they're not unpopular ones.

Some dramas with similiar genre (Untouchable, Unfair) had aired. But this one offered you different story and comedy. Compared to Unfair and Untouchable, when a big case as the main problem and every episodes told a different case, but in the end there's a relation with the big one, so did Shinzanmono. Unfair and Untouchable were a way too identical so I don't think Shinzanmono was on the same level to get compared.

What's in the story? The main idea is about lies that every poeple has. Lie as a shadow of the truth. When a person lies, he's got to be:

  1. Lie protect himself
  1. Lie to deceive someone
  1. Lie to protect someone.

Well, I'm not going to tell the episodes one by one. Just what I thought interesting. Let' s begin from the first episode. The story started when the big case happened in a small town where Kaga (Abe Hiroshi) just worked and lived as a shinzanmono (new guy in the town). He tried to solve a murder case while he got to know to everything in the town. What I get from this episode at a glance was the case would be solved instantly in the first one. But when the first one solved, the audience will know the case would be remained mistery as the story goes by till the last episode.

Kaga investigated everything which related to the case, and he started from the everyones connected to the evidences. So each episodes means an evidence that happened to be not so related but in the end, yes, a little bit. The interesting part is when a person told everything about his lie and how it's related to the others. You know, when you lie, you're going to lie more to cover your lie. And the other would suspects the liar before the truth revealed.

For people who loves human drama, this one could be fit. Some episodes really touched my heart because as you know, the truth sometimes is hurt. Some people think it would be better if they don't know the truth. What I'm sure is, as long as the truth hidden, the prejudges will always come. How many times we got a good prejudge? How many times we gotta feel sorry for something we missed to do just because we don't know the truth? How many times we should reflects ourselves for all thelies and prejudges we made?


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