New Sewing Machine!

I went to Depok carrying one important big mission. Bringing my sewing machine. I couldn't stand to wait till I get home everytime I want to sew something.

Plan A was me bringing by travel and taking it by myself by the time I arrive at Bandung. I didn't think it would work since it's as heavy as a 15 kgs rice bag and the handle really made it worse. Could I make it to take it, walking about 500 meters? I didn't think so. Plan B was giving it to my uncle who would go to Bandung so that he would ensure the machine landed safely on my place. Plan C was sending as a packet, but my parents said no and made me choose A or B. Since my home sewing machine (this) is somewhat noisy, in the end my parents didn't allow me to take it to Bandung.

So, they told to to buy one. Then I remembered about my senior, Yayu, who bought a new sewing machine. I got the agent's number, bla bla bla, and then... here it is. Now it's standing nicely on my desk, but I always pack and return it to the box once I finish sewing.
My new sewing machine :D and it's not noisy. Can't wait to explore you!

 My new supply. Just bought at Pasar Baru. I was too greedy and spent money more than I should be.

I got things for bag-making, especially for the strap thingy. Some fabrics with adorable pattern, some 'on sale' fabrics (only 10.000 rupiah/meter).  Ah, I already imagined what would I make. I inteded to but some leather imitation but my money was already gone. But still I couldn't find a fabric for bag-making. I need a thick fabric, but it seems I need to go there on the other time to get know Pasar Baru more. 

Can't wait to sew more!


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