New Sewing Machine!

I went to Depok carrying one important big mission. Bringing my sewing machine. I couldn't stand to wait till I get home everytime I want to sew something.

Plan A was me bringing by travel and taking it by myself by the time I arrive at Bandung. I didn't think it would work since it's as heavy as a 15 kgs rice bag and the handle really made it worse. Could I make it to take it, walking about 500 meters? I didn't think so. Plan B was giving it to my uncle who would go to Bandung so that he would ensure the machine landed safely on my place. Plan C was sending as a packet, but my parents said no and made me choose A or B. Since my home sewing machine (this) is somewhat noisy, in the end my parents didn't allow me to take it to Bandung.

So, they told to to buy one. Then I remembered about my senior, Yayu, who bought a new sewing machine. I got the agent's number, bla bla bla, and then... here it is. Now it's standing nicely on my desk, but I always pack and return it to the box once I finish sewing.
My new sewing machine :D and it's not noisy. Can't wait to explore you!

 My new supply. Just bought at Pasar Baru. I was too greedy and spent money more than I should be.

I got things for bag-making, especially for the strap thingy. Some fabrics with adorable pattern, some 'on sale' fabrics (only 10.000 rupiah/meter).  Ah, I already imagined what would I make. I inteded to but some leather imitation but my money was already gone. But still I couldn't find a fabric for bag-making. I need a thick fabric, but it seems I need to go there on the other time to get know Pasar Baru more. 

Can't wait to sew more!


  1. berapa dil mesin jait gitu? mau mau mauuu

  2. yg itu 2.3, fit. macem2 kok pilihannya


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