Sewing Freak

My second year seems very relaxing. There's no nirmana, no graduation preparations, no tons of assignments.  I don't know but the pressure is lower than first year. I have no academic goal, maybe. Plus, some lecturers always coming late or don't come at all. Come on, where all the tuition gone? 

I'm not joining any Unit or extracurricular activities here (my first year mistake and early second year couldn't work it out), so I have nothing to do. But hey, there's a cute little sewing machine here. The internet had already made me bored, so I can't stop thinking and making something related to crafts, especially sewing. 

Here's a prismacolor pocket I made from leftover high school skirt uniform. I intended to post the tutorial but forgot to take some picture after the first step. Completely lost in the joy of crafting. 

A yellow crocheted flower as an accent. 

Okay, that's my temporary logo, ask no more about it. Haha.

Thank you Fina for the camera, and happy birthday for Dafira. Semoga mendapatkan umur yang berkah, sehat, sukses, bla bla bla. 


  1. hai dil, check this

    semoga bs membantu

  2. Diiil... Mau banget ini dil mau banget. Mau dong dil buat gue nari tempat2 alat :)

  3. menerima pesanan. hehehe.. gimana?


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