So, How about Me?

I found some product design sites and they always made me thrilled and challenged to make 'something'. eco friendly but wicked! seriously. hilarious! offering more concepts. green design, wow. Architecture, product, interior, you name it. it links to more product design websites. it's not about product design, but printing, but it's real nice and pop art. bag, bag, and more bags. And she's profiting on it.

Obviously, this far, I haven't created something good yet. I always doubt myself and think, my designs are not good enough. How the others get those ideas? Why my designs are always like these? My signature? So everybody else has his or her own signature? Oh, come on, how to train myself to be brave designing somewhat unusual and unthinkable?

So, how about me? I'm about to start a business but there's always a hesitate. However, more ideas always pop on my mind but I don't know what to do. How to start it? How to publish it? Will it survive? Can I get more profit? How can I help the others? Am I ready for all the consequences?

By the way, if you miss the sims, just download the songs here.