A Day with Pen Tablet

Recently my friend Afina got a Bamboo tablet as her birthday gift. Yesterday, she let me borrow it for a day. The main reason was to draw my friend's illustration order. It was a truly nice experience to use a pen tablet for the first time.

Actually, I never feel comfortable to use photoshop. I prefer to use corel since I love vector works. Photoshop seems complicated with all those layer thingy, blurred when it zoomed, etc. But maybe it was just me who made it more complicated more than it should be. I always feel burdened to see my friends artworks using photoshop and wandering why I couldn't make something like that.

This was the first time I enjoyed using photoshop (big thanks for the tablet) and doodling around.

It made me long for a pen tablet. Seriously.


  1. Your drawing is cuuute!!
    *wish I can draw.

    terima kasih sudah mampir ke Handmade Nest, yaa :)


  2. makasih mbak...
    jadi kepengen nyoba jualan oline juga nih jadinya. kapan2 kasih tips nya ya mbak :)


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