27. Dago Car Free Day

For all residents in Bandung this one should be popular. It's a Sunday morning event in Jalan Juanda, start from under the fly over and ended close to the Dipati Ukur intersection, a car-free-day event. Unfortunately, it's not all day long. It's a 6-10 am event. All cars and motorcycles are banned to enter.

Somewhat it's not different compared in Bundaran HI, Jakarta. This one not as big as car free day event at Bundaran HI, but it's held every Sunday and nowadays it's becoming more crowded than before.

It's held for the first time on May 9th 2010, and consistently held weekly. People come from all around Bandung for jogging, walking, skating, and riding bicycle. Also people from Jakarta.

At Petronas gas station, there're kids playing football, badminton, also some people who take some rest. Also you could pump you tires using an air compressor for free. It's the best option for people who don't have a pump just like me.

But now, it's getting too crowded. You won't be able to ride your bike comfortably, because there are too many people and too many events to watch. There're several aerobics sites, radio show sites, musician sites, and product promotional sites. Moreover, there're many food stalls for breakfast.There's a traffic jam at Geulis Hotel because they takes one side of the road. All the people who walk, ride a bicycle, and watch the perform are trapped to pass over only on the other side of the road. I don't like to pass that spot, really. It makes me exhausted because of the crowded and I should get off my bike and walk extremely slowly.

Nevertheless, when you're in Bandung, don't forget to visit Car Free Day at Dago.