29. A girl named Amy

There's a Korean girl named Amy. She lives in Bandung about a year. Her bahasa was quite fluent, my friend said. She loves Indonesia. You heard it wrong? No. She loves Indonesia, lives in Indonesia, and teaches Korean for Indonesians. She doesn't afraid to speak bahasa, even her pronunciation is affected by her Korean accent. She said she won't be able to live here if she can't speak bahasa.

When I asked why she loves Indonesia, she answered honestly that Indonesia has a lot of cultures. It's a big difference since there's only one kind of culture in Korea. She and her friends from Korea, and some Indonesians founded a team to make Indonesia a better place. They helped fixing a broken a school for special children in Lembang, West Java, and had fun with them. Now they're planning for the next project.

A foreigner and she really loves Indonesia.