Let's Visit Indonesia (not only Bali)

Several days ago, I watched a dialog on TV. They talked about Indonesia tourism, in an english program on MetroTV. A man, a woman, and the presenter, a japanese one. It was such an interesting topic since it's a holiday time, I love travelling, and I want everyone knows Indonesia more than Bali. I watched in the midst, and they're already talking about government tourism campaign called Wonderful Indonesia. The campaign slogan before was Visit Indonesia. This time, with the same logo, they launched Wonderful Indonesia on the early 2011 for three years. I don't know much about the last campaign, but they said there're some problems. They talked about how the government only succeeded on domestic visitor. Visit Indonesia should means for the foreigner, not for the Indonesians to visit their own country, they said. Also they said, the ads were misplaced. They asked about the ads whereabout outside the country.

Compared to Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesia was left behind in advertising tourism. Our local channels advertise theirs, but I don't know how about ours. I pretty much like Seoul ad, with their k-pop artist, and sells the entertainment more then the beauty of the city. I haven't found an official Wonderful Indonesia video ad, but this one is the one I like the most (eventually they over promote Bali), the child's voice is too cute to resist.

They also mentioned something about Indonesia Dangerously Beautiful slogan. I think that one suite Indonesia's attractiveness better than Wonderful Indonesia. Then they talked about public facilities problems. As everybody knows, Indonesia lack of clean public toilets. They might be not comfortable to use, but in the end, yeah, we use them because there's no other place. Airports, stations, are the first public places to access by the tourists, so they should put more care on the toilets. Don't forget the tourism sites too.

However, let's visit Indonesia. Enjoy the beauty, interact with the nice people and their culture, taste the local foods, and many things you can get here. Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Bromo, Raja Ampat, Bunaken, Comodo Island, there're too many to get listed here, so find it yourselves.

For more info, check these out, they provide more tempting photos and infos.

Happy holidays!