13. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series are written by Jeff Kinney. Available in Bahasa edition published by Atria, four books already and still counting. In general, this series is interesting.

Nowadays there're less kids who write their own journey or diary. By reading these, your memory of childhood get recalled. Greg Heffley, a first year junior high school student was asked to write a diary by his mom. Although he still called it a journal, he never absented to tell his daily life story. He always thought as the right side and the others were not. All his actions were based on his own judgment and whatever the others thought bad, he always feel right. Even his friend, Rowley was treated wrong but he never felt sorry. 

The illustrations were well explained. And the lay out is perfect as a diary, ups, a journal. You'll finish the book in no time and make you curious to see more Greg's action. 

By the way, the movie version had been out. The cast is fit. Although there's some little modification but it's OK. I find it as a good family story, full of moral contents. Hahaha. Now they're making the second one, Rodrick Rules. Can't wait to see the movie. 

a scene from the first movie, Greg-Rowley-Fregley


  1. dil kamu punya semuanyaaaa?
    aku baru baca yang ijo sama biruuu

    itu ada filmnya?woh mauuuuuu

  2. minjem doong. hahahha, ga modal. pelemnya kayaknya uda di delete. donlot aja.


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