14. Nina

My friends are crazy about these videos on youtube. Apparently Nina gets their love and attention. Firstly, I didn't even know what their talking about. Because one of my classmate is also named Nina. One day, I found my friend were streaming Nina. I felt strange yet interested to see a video where the child answered in Japanese while questioned in English.

So, when I got home, I tried 'Nina' as a keyword on youtube, then some video related shown up. Just click it. Voila! She's so cute. Her father upload her videos on youtube and many people responded positively. It feels so good to hear the cute and sweet voice, plus see her actions. You can get more information by watching and see the information on the video's page.
Here's one of the videos. Enjoy!


  1. haha..pas tpb tuh arina ngasih tau ttg nina..ampe kecanduan. aku udah tamat looh videonya semua haha


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