21. Meringue

What is meringue? It's melted in your mouth and sweet. Okay, you just need to click this.

Basically, it's made of egg whites and sugar. An egg white needs a quarter cup of sugar. Maybe a castor sugar for better meringue. Just beat the egg whites using a mixer and wait till it form a peak. The texture would be like for cake decoration. Then you add the sugar, little by little. Beat for some more. Finally, it's ready to be baked. Don't forget to set the heat for about 100-120 degrees Celcius. It's a slow baking so you have to be patient.

I made some for my previous holiday. The first attempt was a failure because I didn't know when the peak would be form. Even I didn't know what the peak looks like. I added too much cocoa powder and it's become too bitter. The temperature was too high and easily burnt. The second attempt was a success. The peak was there and cocoa was not added. The heat was nearly perfect. But there's a problem. It became soggy after some time served. Maybe because I used granulated sugar, not the castor one. Next time I should use castor, maybe tr some sugar syrup too.