22. Sewing

The one who taught me how to sew was my mother. She taught me how to sew manually, maybe around my primary school age. I had no idea why I was interested in sewing. Then, she got a portable sewing machine from my aunt since she rarely used it. I forgot when she started to teach me how to use the sewing machine but maybe about my early teenage.

This is the sewing machine my aunt gave for us. Veritas Rubina. It's portable but seriously heavy by it's metal body. I just knew it can be attached to a table just like the other traditional sewing machine. It has a lot of stitch patterns and  automatic buttonhole.

Now the sewing machine always gets me some trouble when I'm using it. It might be somewhat has something wrong inside because it never been serviced. I find sewing more comfortable using the new one I get in Bandung. 

By the way, if you're a beginner and interested to sew some clothes, you could try these:

Happy sewing!


  1. aku juga suka menjahit karena ibuku juga suka menjahit ^.^

  2. wah asik ya, pasti diajarin macem-macem

  3. while i was looking for information on my sewing machine i found this post. The Veritas machines are real heavy duty workhorses. They sew thin material as well as leather(with the right needle at low speed). If the machine gives you trouble, try to clean it with a brush (ususally tons of dust and small pieces of thread and fabric are spread over all moving parts inside/under the machine. Metal parts can be cleaned with acetone. Sometimes old oil becomes sticky and prevents proper function. After cleaning apply clear sewing machine oil to all the bearings and bushings(single drops only). Move the machine slowly with its handwheel. When all parts run smoothly most of the trouble should be gone. Other common problems are caused by wrong tension settings and dull needles. Please check the machine before you discard it. It's a great sewing machine, spare parts are available (especially here in germany) and it would be really expensive to replace it with a new model of the same quality.

  4. thank you for your advice. I'll try it asap. My mom's planning to give it some maintenance, by the way. I've never thought veritas's so special since the brand is not so well known here, Indonesia. I hope it would be as good as new.


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