5. Basic for Cooking

You're too busy to cook? But you wanna cook? You live by yourself and you can't create some seasoning? But you still wanna cook? But you have to study and doing lots of assignments?

All right. Based on my experience, there're 6 simple little things to be your basic cooking foundation.

1. Salt
Exactly what you need to make your dish tasty

2. Pepper
For a bit hot feeling

3. Chili Powder
For the hot lover

4. Soy sauce
It makes your dish brown-ish and sweet

5. Chili Sauce
Again, for the the hot lover and it make your dish tastier because of the MSG inside

6. Cooking oil
The first thing to add in your cooking

Using all these things, you could make your own seasoning. Just get rid all the hot things if you dislike it.