Download Craft Magazine

You know, sometimes I feel guilty but mostly not.

Several days ago, I was looking for some pictures to create an image board, part of my mid term test. I typed "download magazine" on google, and look what I've found!

Lots of free scan magazines, especially craft and DIY, interior, and fashion. My current favorite magazine is FEMALE, sewing magazine for girls. It has loads of models and the patterns, including the S-M-L-XL size, so I don't need measuring. It also has the detail instructions for selected models. 
Try these:
手工制作 手工DIY电子杂志 在线看 - 薇薇书屋 (I can't find the download button, but you can read them online)
Happy downloading and crafting. If you know more, please tell me. I'm dying to have all FEMALE editions.


you can download the pics from vvshu using this:


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