Solo Travelling

It's not a travelling report to Solo, a city in Central Java. This is my review about solo travelling, travelling alone, by yourself. By the way, there's a website dedicated to solo traveler:

I always love travelling. Okay, I'm not a solo travelling expert, by I wanna share my experiences here.

My first solo travelling was last year. My friends and I had planned to go to Yogyakarta using the 30s thousands rupiah economic train from Kiara Condong, Bandung, for the first time in my lifetime. Unfortunately, they cancelled the plan and I hesitated to go on. I ended up going alone and immediately started to text my friends there. Tyas agreed to escort me from the station. All of my friends (thanks a lot for Nissa Tajudin, Melon, Titiw, Icul, Tyas, Tijo, and the others) helped me, gave me accommodations and took me to have some fun.

My recent solo travelling was three-day journey around Europe. It's not exactly around, only Austria, Germany, and France. In fact, only Paris, Munich, and Salzburg. I took the night trains, twice. Why did I take them? There're two main reasons. First, to create more time for travelling and sightseeing. Second, I didn't have to spend my nights at the hotel or hostel since I lacked of time to book one.

What are the benefits of solo travelling?
1. Saving time to decide something because you don't have partner to argue with.
2. You don't have to wait for somebody.
3. There's a lot of time to think.
4. Easy to get a friend to talk to, since you have lots of thing in mind but have no one to share.

The negative things are:
1. You need to keep an eye to your things all the time and keep yourself save.
2. You have to have more preparations, for example the money, medicine, the sightseeing plan, etc.
3. A big portion of food has to be finished by yourself.
4. You have nobody to share your crazy excitement.
5. You need to ask somebody to take your picture.
6. If you get lost, then you're literally alone.

During my journey, I saw a lot people around the world. They have their own language and culture. For example, in the airport, you will hear lots of languages and see lots of various kinds of people. You talked to them, share experiences and always experience something new. That's the art of a journey. When you land on a place for the first time, you try to read the map, and ask for directions, and eventually get lost, it's also the art of journey. Don't be afraid to travel alone. Prepare yourself and don't forget to pray.

Happy holiday!