Condition Update

Okay, so these months probably is the most incredeble moment. Start from September for the International University Exchange Seminar with Toyohashi University of Technology. October is a month for waiting. I was waiting for my TOEFL result and currently anxious and curious for the next step. These weeks are somewhat hectic to focus on my mid term exams and doing the other things.

Craft status update: none, but I made a table lamp with Dafira for the exhibition last week, held by Wrangler (the denim brand, not the Jeep one).

Drawing status update: none. To be honest, I haven't draw anything seriously since the previous semester.

Bike status update: none. My bike was stolen right in front of my house at night. I realized it on the next morning. So, I'm not interested to go to the car free day anymore.

Reading update: on progress. "At your current pace, you're 10 books (20%) behind." May I decrease my 2011 reading challenge?

Writing update: 0%. I have a plan to write my experiences but it seems failed. I have so many things to do and the worst thing is there is no internet connection in my house. Sometimes I went to McD or Kartika's place to connect to the world. I hope next week i could write one of them.

Design update: 0%. It's almost the mid term exam... (T__T)

Back to reality.